The health of your
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WORKWELL has a motivated and well qualified team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and support staff who are dedicated to providing your employees with the best possible care.  

We pride ourselves on developing relationships with companies to encourage communication and high quality care for workers. 

Our services include careful pre-employment medicals, and active management of work related injuries. 

We know the importance of good communication with employers to minimise lost time from injuries, and we work with employers to find alternative duties for injured staff where possible. 

We utilise a team approach to rehabilitate injured workers for a speedy return to work.

We offer holistic health care.

We work with you striving for wellness in the workplace.

We provide mental health assessments and counselling, to reduce suicide risk, improve wellbeing and productivity.

We understand the importance of active management to minimise lost time injuries


WORKWELL builds relationships with organisations

we customise solutions for all your occupational medical needs.

 We offer appointments and site visits outside of normal working hours, usually within 24 hours.

WORKWELL is flexible, to meet your company’s requirements.

Call today to arrange for our WorkWell Team to meet with you. 

We offer services from our 7 Day Medical Practice in Fremantle, including: 


PrE employment medicals & health assessments

We provide the full range of occupational medicals.... but we offer more than this.  We are committed to working with our patients, our colleagues, and our companies, striving for optimal health for each individual.

We are fortunate to live in this time and in this lucky country where we have opportunities for health screening and preventative health interventions more than ever before.

We invite our patients to have comprehensive health assessments to identify risk factors for illness, allowing opportunities for early intervention to prevent or treat diseases.


Our nurses perform hearing tests in our sound proofed audiometry booth.

We offer tympanogram testing of the middle ear, to check for effusions (middle ear fluid).

Hearing tests are important in pre-employment assessment, as well as ongoing surveillance for workers in high noise environments.

We remind customers of the importance of wearing noise reduction ear plugs and ear muffs, to protect the important asset of their hearing. 


The ECG is a test of the electrical function of the heart, and can identify cardiac disease and warning signs for future heart problems.

Spirometry lung function testing is a useful assessment for asthma and occupational exposure to airborne pollutants. 

We remind customers of the importance of using protective masks when working in high risk environments.

We offer counselling and medications to help patients kick the smoking habit. 

SITE VISITS & phone consultationS

For your convenience, site visits are available.

We offer skype consults, telephone liaison, and workplace health screening.

We can provide random Drug and Alcohol screening and Flu Vaccinations in your workplace.


We work with companies to find out the needs of each customer, and can provide contracts as required.e.g. Pre-employment medicals, and site visits can be organised outside of normal business hours.

FIFO site work and telephone consultations are available.


With the assistance of our pathology providers, we offer certified, supervised alcohol and drug screening tests with rapid turnaround times.

This includes the option of testing for a large range of synthetic drugs.

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