WORKWELL recognises that every organisation is different in its approach to the health of its staff.

WORKWELL is flexible, working with organisations to tailor individual solutions for all of your workforce related health needs.


The health of the leadership team within an organisation is paramount to the success of the organisation as a whole. We offer executive medical assessments with an emphasis on preventative health care.

We address mental health issues.  Work-place stress and bullying, anxiety and depression are commonly experienced and can lead to loss of productivity and time away from work.  When individuals are experiencing mental distress, early intervention is most beneficial.  We offer a full range of psychiatric and psychological assessment and counselling services.


Sitting at a desk for hours at a time has become the norm for many people in their workplace.... with more and more time indoors in front of a computer, no time to exercise, poor diet, juggling home and work life.... you know the scenario.

Investing in yourself and your staff is likely to pay dividends with a reduction in absenteeism, increase to staff morale and improving your business culture. 

At WORKWELL we strive to model a healthy workplace culture by encouraging exercise, healthy eating, and positive lifestyle choices.  We remind our staff to take care of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. We are rewarded with happy staff and a great place to work! 

We can help you achieve this in your workplace with a Health and Wellness Package tailored specifically to suit your needs. We employ a team of specialists with the skills to assist you and your staff with whatever they may need help with. WORKWELL will formulate a plan that is client-focused and meaningful.

General health assessments – We will assess individual risk factors for developing chronic health diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and  autoimmune problems.  We will provide recommendations for the management and prevention of disease.

Various tests, including Spirometry, Audiometry, and ECG heart tests are all available on-site.

We are happy to refer for other specialised testing, such as coronary calcium scores and total body composition tests (DEXA) scans as indicated.

Weight loss advice and management – Working a sedentary job, or out on the road all the time travelling can make it incredibly difficult to lose weight. Not enough activity, or poor access to healthy food choices can be very challenging. We have a highly trained Dietician and Nutritionalist on our team who have valuable advice to give for people who want to lose weight, make healthier choices, and maintain motivation with diet plans and regular a check-in. We can also tailor seminars and health programs to suit your wellness needs.

Exercise programs – Back pain, neck pain, headaches – these all seem to go hand in hand with desk jobs and computer work. A well-designed exercise program can help by improving function and mobility and reducing the need for medications, whilst also significantly reducing the risk of future injury.

Emotional and psychological wellbeing – Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult and can take its toll emotionally and psychologically. Management of stress, anxiety and depression are skills that all of our doctors are very experienced in dealing with. We have a team of psychologists to refer to for ongoing management if required.

Taking care of the mental health of your staff can lead to ongoing benefits to your business with improving morale and creating a positive psychological culture.