WORKWELL offers a range of medicals for pre-employment and regular re-certification purposes, including specialised mining and oil and gas medicals.

We don’t just tick boxes. We offer careful assessments, to ensure safety for employers and employees.

We can use proformas provided by your company, or use our custom designed medicals. We can develop paperwork appropriate to your company’s needs.


Pre and Post Employment Medical Assessments

All of our employment medicals have a patient questionnaire and baseline measurements taken by our nurse, followed by an examination by a doctor. 

Depending on the particular requirements of the employer, or as indicated due to patient risk factors, additional tests may include an ECG heart test, spirometry lung function test, hearing test, and alcohol and drug test.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. 

Please arrange ten minutes prior to your appointment to complete the relevant paperwork.


Executive Medicals and Specialised Corporate Health Medicals

In additional to typical pre employment medicals, we offer a higher level  more comprehensive medical, with further attention to preventative health and wellness.

We understand that nutritional medicine and lifestyle factors are so important to health and longevity. Your greatest asset is your health, so we recommend a thorough medical. This includes optional referrals for a heart stress test, coronary calcium score or a specific cardiac artery imaging (CT-CA). Specific additional blood tests may be advised, especially where one's family history indicates a particular risk factor.  We offer optional nutritional counselling, and mental health testing.

Where desired, we can arrange detailed psychological tests, personality screening and mood assessments. These may be very helpful in determining the right candidate for a high-stress executive role. 


Mines and HUET Medicals

WORKWELL performs Mines and HUET medicals in accordance with safety requirements.

WA is a state of prosperity, naturally rich in resources.  There are many major resource projects in place. 

The new WA State Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety was created in July 2017. The Department regulates the mining, building and construction industry focusing on worker safety.

Many companies require a MINES medical to be completed as a pre-employment requirement, with regular re-certification. 

These may include a Fitness for mine rescue personnel:

Railway vehicle drivers (loco drivers) have specialised medicals:

The helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) course prepares people to deal with a helicopter landing in water, as may occur when landing on a oil rig in the ocean.

Calmly problem solving in an emergency situation is a learned skill.  Simulation training helps people from all backgrounds to prepare for an emergency situation. 

A medical examination is required prior to undertaking a HUET course. 


Maritime and Offshore Medicals

There are many specialised maritime medicals.  Fremantle is a port city, so our doctors have taken particular interest in this field.

We perform UKOA, IFAP and ERGT medicals, seven days per week in our Fremantle medical centre.

Our doctors have undertaken training in Scotland to be certified for the UK offshore medicals, commonly required even in Australia. 

The UK Offshore medicals website has resources:

Oil & Gas UK and its members are dedicated to raising standards through best practice guidelines. Member companies dedicate technical expertise to facilitate the development of guidelines that help the industry address issues including well operations, safe mooring of vessels, cargo handling, emergency response and decommissioning activities.


Aviation Medicals - CASA (all classes)

The Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has strict guidelines for medical certification of pilots and air traffic controllers. Safety is of paramount importance.

Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) are doctors who have undertaken specialised training. We have two DAMEs at WORKWELL who can perform CASA medicals.

All aviation medicals now need to be completed online in the new medical records system.

Information regarding CASA documentation can be sourced here:

The full handbook is available:


Driving medicals

Guidelines have been developed for medical professionals to safely determine who is fit to drive.

Drivers have a responsibility to disclose health conditions and medications which may affect their ability to drive. Mandatory self-reporting of medical conditions was introduced in 2008 following a Coronial inquest where a fatal traffic crash was attributed to a driver who had a risky medical condition.

We offer careful assessments for fitness to drive, in accordance with the National requirements for both regular private and commercial driving licences.

Our doctors assess fitness to drive in accordance with Australian National Austroad requirements:

If you have questions about this process, we are pleased to discuss the requirements.  The good news is that even where a person has a medical condition, a conditional licence may be granted. For example, one may required to wear corrective lenses to have a licence approved.


Diving medicals

Recreational and commercial diving medicals are available at WORKWELL. The requirements vary depending on what the customer will be undertaking. 

SCUBA diving can be dangerous so we recommend careful pre-diving assessments. The Australian standards comprise a questionnaire for customers to complete, followed by a careful physical examination by a certified doctor. 

The South Pacific Underwater Medical Society (SPUMS) has created guidelines for those working in underwater and hyperbaric medicine. 

SPUMS has produced position statements on controversial areas, such as guidance in the management of individuals with persistent foraman ovale (PFO) who wish to dive. 

SPUMS information is available here:

WORKWELL performs on-site hearing tests and tympanogram assessments of the middle ear, to check there are no perforations or middle ear effusions which make diving dangerous. 

Additional tests may be required, such as specialised lung function tests for individual assessments.


Alcohol & Drug Screening Tests

Safety in the workplace is paramount. We offer a full range of advice and testing regarding alcohol and substance misuse in the workplace. 

Employers have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for their staff.

Employees have a responsibility to be physically and mentally fit to perform their duties, and not under the influence of substances which may impair their ability to work. This can include prescribed medications, alcohol and illicit drugs.

Some companies have employment contracts that include the ability of the employer to require an employee to submit a test for alcohol and illicit substances. 

The "Guidance note - Alcohol and other drugs at the workplace" applies to workplaces covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (OSH Act). It has information relevant for employers and employees about alcohol and drugs at work. 

We work towards rapid turn-around times.  Additional information about pathology testing for drugs of abuse is available here from Western Diagnostic Pathology. 


Testing for Workplace Hazards

We are pleased to have the efficient and accurate services of Western Diagnostic Pathology in bringing us testing for a range of workplace hazards.

Employers can have the working environment tested for risks such as heavy metal exposure, e.g. lead, mercury. 

Farming clients may be concerned about risks of exposure to toxic herbicides or pesticides, and the risk of infectious diseases from animals, such as Q fever.

in our modern world, employees frequently travel. We cater for your travel requirements, with comprehensive travel medicine advice and immunisations.

Testing is available for common infectious diseases, along with serological tests available to check for immunity to some of the common vaccine preventable infections including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus and measles.