WORKWELL performs Mines and HUET medicals in accordance with safety requirements.

WA is a state of prosperity, naturally rich in resources.  There are many major resource projects in place. 

The new WA State Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety was created in July 2017. The Department regulates the mining, building and construction industry focusing on worker safety.

Many companies require a MINES medical to be completed as a pre-employment requirement, with regular re-certification. 

These may include a Fitness for mine rescue personnel:


Railway vehicle drivers (loco drivers) have specialised medicals: 


The helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) course prepares people to deal with a helicopter landing in water, as may occur when landing on a oil rig in the ocean.

Calmly problem solving in an emergency situation is a learned skill.  Simulation training helps people from all backgrounds to prepare for an emergency situation. 

A medical examination is required prior to undertaking a HUET course.