Mental health

Depression, anxiety, workplace stress, bullying... these are all too frequent these days.

Our team of psychologists, psychiatrist, GPs and nurses provide support in our Fremantle practice and are also available for site visits.

We provide a full range of Workers compensation and EAP counselling services.

A phone call can save a life. Suicide prevention involves employers taking care of employees, noticing when they may be stressed, and intervening to encourage access the professional help they need.

Beyond Blue has excellent resources:

There are many ways to help help manage work place stress and mental health problems.

We encourage everyone to address their personal health needs, prioritising exercise, good nutrition and relaxation methods. Good sleep hygiene is very important. 

Building great relationships at home and at work is fundamental to happiness. 

We encourage exercise, meditation and yoga.

We have specialist doctors who prescribe and monitor antidepressants and other medications where indicated, in conjunction with counselling psychology and addressing lifestyle risk factors.