Practice Team


WORKWELL is a multi-disciplinary health team.

We have dedicated general practitioners, specialist physicians,
dieticians and rehabilitation health professionals.

We understand the importance of lost time injuries and work hard to actively manage injuries. 

We have a psychiatrist and psychologists providing assessments, psychotherapy, counselling and EAP work. We are committed to helping FIFO families and reducing suicide rates in the community. 


Dr. Catherine Douglass
Practice Principal

Dr. Marcus Middleton
Practice Principal

Dr. Helen Moonen
Practice Principal

Dr. Ron Date
General Practitioner


Dr. Irene Dolan
General Practitioner

Dr. Emily MacDonald
General Practitioner

Dr. Michael Steele
General Practitioner

Dr. Mark Smith
General Practitioner


Sue Aspin

Jille Burns
Nurse Practitioner

Dr Christian Brincker
Consultant Physician

Dr. Briony Hart


Nick Nation