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Whilst medicals are offered in our rooms in Fremantle, often it is more convenient for our customers to arrange a site visit. This also allows our medical examiners the opportunity of seeing the risks pertinent to your particular work place.

We are proactive in assessing safety and mitigating risks. 

We are aware of the high rates of suicide in the working community, especially  FIFO workers. For this reason a site visit may be arranged, offering debriefing counselling, EAP psychological consultations and more. 

We offer wellness advice to help employees achieve and maintain their optimal health.

This can include assessment of individual risk factors for disease, lifestyle risk factors, family history and personal wellness reviews. 

We offer on site influenza vaccine clinics, skin checks for cancer and more.

Our nutritional experts are available to speak to staff about achieving holistic health, with particular attention to healthy nutrition for optimal gut health.