Workers compensation 

Rapid management of injuries results in less time off work. 

We offer 7 days per week management of workplace injuries. Our proactive approach to rehabilitation leads to a more rapid recovery and return to work.

We have doctors with specialised training in musculoskeletal injuries and spinal rehabilitation.  We work with physical therapists to assist each individual in returning to work quickly. 

We encourage non-pharmaceutical pain management where possible, such as using heat therapy, acupuncture and massage rather than tablets.

We understand that communicating with employers is important in getting the best rehabilitation program in place. Finding appropriate modified duties can make a big difference in keeping an employee gainfully employed, whilst still providing the right medical treatment for an injury.

Addressing anxiety and loss of self esteem after an injury is an important area which is often overlooked. Our doctors are cognisant of the needs of each individual, and we will recommend psychological counselling where we note undue stress.

Our consultant psychiatrist and psychologists are available for both treatment plans, and for medicolegal assessments of workers' compensation damages where required. 

We keep up with relevant information and legislation, designed to support employers and employees to work well together.